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The Dolphin Project!!

In celebration of Earth Day Month (since I’m a bit late to announce for the day itself) I have two original paintings being auctioned on Facebook to benefit the Dolphin Project. The auction runs through May 5th and you can find it right here. Please check it out! There’s a lovely selection of original works on paper, fine art prints, sculpture and crafts.

The mission of Ric O’Barry’s Dolphin Project, founded on Earth Day in 1970, is to put an end to dolphin exploitation and slaughter once and for all. Dolphins are regularly captured, harassed, slaughtered and sold into captivity around the world – all in the name of profit. The Dolphin Project works not only to halt the slaughters in countries around the world, but also to rehabilitate captive dolphins, investigate and advocate for economic alternatives to dolphin slaughter and exploitation, and to put a permanent end to dolphin captivity.


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