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Some thoughts about animals in the midst of the holiday festivities...

With December 25th only days away and people planning holiday meals, I decided to repost my Christmas pigs. The dichotomy that Michael Pollan points out, in how we think about the animals we love as pets versus the animals we view as food, is bizarre when you think about it. (You can read his quote on my painting above.) We live today in a world where billions of animals are confined, mutilated and slaughtered annually, and yet despite the massive scale of this cruelty, most of us aren’t aware of what’s going on. Eating meat, dairy and eggs is our default— considered by the vast majority to be the most normal, sensible diet. The food industry reinforces the idea that this diet is natural

Hey, there's some new stuff in my shop...

Hello! Small announcement: I have some art prints and stationery cards available in my Society6 shop. They feature my animal welfare themed paintings as well as some other drawings and paintings. I'll be adding more to the collection along the way. You can find the shop here, and also by clicking the "Shop" tab on my website. Please "drop by!"

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