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Sojourner Truth (& Victorian Hats)

The very timely March assignment for MATS Bootcamp was to create an editorial portrait of one of twelve suffragettes. I chose to portray the unbelievable Sojourner Truth. Born into slavery in 1797 in Ulster County, NY, and having spent her first three decades enslaved, she escaped to freedom with her infant daughter in 1826. Over the years that followed she became one of the most prominent abolitionists and women's rights activists in the U.S., taking the name Sojourner Truth and traveling the country to speak powerfully against slavery and the oppression of women.

You can see the gallery of suffragette portraits here:

Our March mini assignment (a sort of warm up before the main assignment) was to draw Victorian hats. These are mine, shown here worn by birds, whose feathers so often adorned them.

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